• Marine Terminal Equipment, Berth Monitoring Systems, Nav Aids

    Ports and Marine Terminals

    Marine Terminal Equipment Berth Monitoring Systems Nav Aids
  • Mampaey Quick Release Mooring Hooks & Capstans

    Remote Release, Line Tension Monitoring

  • IRM - Marine Fenders

    Cone, Leg, Cell, Foam, Pneumatic Designs

  • Gangway Solutions - Large Ship Gangways

    Column and Tower Designs

  • Mampaey Berth Monitoring Systems

    Berthing Aids, Mooring Tensions, Environmental Conditions, Ship-to-Shore Links

  • Navicom Dymanics Portable Navigation Equipment

    Maritime Pilots, Moooring Master, STS Lighting


Allison Equipment Group, Inc. is a US Distributor and Service provider for the Port, Marine Terminal, and Offshore Oil and Gas Industries. Established in 1999, Allison’s select group of global Suppliers are highly respected marine equipment manufacturers with established track records and extensive project resumes. Allison provides equipment and services for a broad range of requirements including marine terminal operation, offshore marine construction, oil and gas production, and harbor, coastal and offshore oil spill response, and maritime navigation.

Allison Instruments 0005 Ports & Marine Terminals

Marine Terminal Equipment

Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, LNG Terminal Facilities

  • Quick Release Hooks and Capstans
  • Gangways – Column and Tower Designs
  • Marine Fenders
  • Bollards

Marine Terminal Monitoring Systems

Dry Bulk, Liquid Bulk, LNG Terminal Facilities

  • Berthing Aids – Vessel Approach, Docking
  • Mooring Line Tension Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Ship-to-Shore Communication Links
Portable Navigation Equipment 1903

Navigation and Piloting Aids

Ports, Harbors, Inland Waterways, Offshore

  • Portable Navigation Aids
  • STS-Lightering Berthing Aids
  • Offshore Positioning
  • Offshore Berthing and Mooring Aids
Oil Spill Response

Oil Spill Response Equipment

Ports, Harbors, Coastal, Offshore

  • Containment Booms
  • Boom Deployment Equipment
  • Floating Oil Skimmers
  • Floating Storage

Ship and Barge Deck Equipment

Pipelay Barges, Construction Barges, FPSO’s

  • Quick Release Mooring Hooks
  • Quick Release Towing Hooks
  • Fenders
  • Deck Hardware

Navigation & Positioning, Machine Control

Dredging and Survey Vessels

  • Vessel Navigation and Positioning Systems
  • Single Beam, Side Scan and Multi-Beam Sonar
  • Machine Control Systems – Dredging Equipment