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Allison Equipment Group is a US distributor and service provider. Our goal is to provide our customers access to the best global suppliers of products and equipment available for marine and maritime applications. Allison provides its customers with complete support from initial technical proposals and quotations, project administration and FAT’s, through delivery logistics, installation, and commissioning. We also provide warranty support and local maintenance and repair services.


Established in 1999, Allison Equipment Group has a proven track record for providing quality equipment and exceptional customer service and support. Our industry experience includes Ports and Harbor’s, the Midstream, Downstream and Offshore sectors of the Oil and Gas industry, Marine Construction, Maritime Navigation and Marine Oil Spill Response. Allison’s customers include Port Authorities, Oil Companies, Petrochemical Companies, Shipyards, EPC’s, Marine Construction Companies, Marine Transportation and Lightering Companies, Maritime Pilot Associations and Oil Spill Response firms. With 20 years of experience, we have successfully completed over 35 marine terminal projects and 30 offshore production projects.